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Exhibit your world!

Mondo Museum is a management sim that challenges you to construct, administer, and curate your own museum. Choose what items to showcase, draw in the crowds, and grow your collection of cultural, artistic, historical, and scientific displays to expand from a humble exhibit hall into a world-class institution!

This isn’t your average museum. This is Mondo Museum.

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Construct a Museum

Create your own unique layout by placing exhibit halls, gift shops, theatres, and more. Then customize the look of each room with different floors, wallpapers, windows, and decor. But plan carefully… wouldn’t want to get lost in your own museum.

Choose Your Exhibits

Mix-and-match 100+ items across multiple collections, from Dinosaurs to Space Exploration. As your museum gains prestige, you’ll unlock new artifacts from around the world to play with.

Manage Your People

Attract visitors, address their comfort, and make sure they exit through the gift shop (cha-ching). Hire staff like researchers, conservators, and docents; they’ll keep your displays informative and, more importantly, intact.

Keep Calm and Curate On

Stay on your toes because you never know situations you might encounter. Meet the demands of a visiting VIP and they might loan you a rare exhibit, but keep an eye on that shaky-looking dinosaur skeleton...

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Latest News

Mondo Museum is now on hold

Hey folks! So, it breaks our hearts a little bit, but the unfortunate news is that as of today, we're officially putting Mondo Museum on hold. You might have noticed the news dropped off awhile ago, and we were hoping to share news when we had them, but as development has paused for the unforseeable... Read More

Meet the Devs: Introducing Farah!

Hello curators, This month brings us the first of our developer interviews. But a quick dev update before we get into that. The big task for the team this month was to assess where we are in the game’s production and what we need to do to get ready for Early Access… lots of e-mails and discussions, ... Read More

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